Kitchen Lighting Ideas:
Bright & Beautiful!

Kitchen lighting ideas vary from person to person, but getting it right is crucial. Lighting your kitchen is one of the best design features, and most overlooked upgrades, you can make. You need the right light in the right area for the task at hand.

Track Lighting is making a comeback and for good reason. Contemporary track lighting, such as cable track lighting, is very stylish, functional and adds a design element to the overall look and feel of the room.

Pendant track lighting is a good example of lighting as design, as many of the lamp shades for the pendants are made of beautiful blown glass available in just about every color under the sun, as well as many other materials, shapes and sizes. Instant personality and decor!

Recessed lighting, or "can" lights, are a must for today's kitchen. I love them--lots of them--above every task area in the kitchen: all counter tops, range, sink and pantry. These lights mean business and give a super-focused light on all the important area of your kitchen. I only use halogen light bulbs in them, as this will give you the most light and the clearest, most crisp light.

Under cabinet lighting is also a great task lighting method, as well as a great ambient light. It adds brilliant light to the counter top below and also casts a beautiful glow in the mid-range of the kitchen. I often use these lights alone for a softer light when I'm done cooking.

Now you know what to look for for all of the areas of your kitchen. The only hard part now is making a decision on which lights you love most.

As with anything design-related, it's a personal decision. Go with the style and/or colors you love, but be sure you have a well planned lighting design which includes proper wattage fixtures. I hope you have a ton of kitchen lighting ideas now.

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