Kitchen Flooring Should Be
Functional Yet Comfortable

The options are many. However, many of us don't consider how we use our kitchens when making this underfoot choice.

Kitchen flooring is a very focal design element in your home. Entire families spend more time in kitchens than ever before. It's the heart of the home and we do more than prepare meals here. It's the social center, homework station and conversation cafe. That is why you should carefully consider the material you choose. One size does NOT fit all.

The right material will be comfortable, functional and in line style-wise with the rest of your kitchen and your entire house.

Hardwoods have been a homeowner favorite for many years. They come in many varieties of wood, which leads to a variety of colors and textures. As a general rule, they lend a warm feeling to any room. But, remember, they can be expensive to install and maintain.  Laminate (wood look) is also an option for those who want the hardwood look, but not the cost or upkeep.  Cork is also a popular choice. It is soft underfoot and offers a bit of cushion for those spending lots of time in the kitchen.

Tile sometimes gets a bad rap for being cold--both in the way it looks and feels. I would encourage you to explore the many options available and consider installing radiant floor heating under tile. It heats the whole room and keeps the toes toasty warm, as well. It can also be used under poured concrete, which is another popular choice now.

Whatever your choice, just be sure to stay within the look and feel of your home. Each material has a broad spectrum of styles and looks within it's family. Not all tile is "modern" and not all hardwood is "rustic" or "traditional."

Bring home lots of samples of all kinds of materials and live with them for a while. When you narrow down which type of material you want to use (after researching the cost to install it), look at all the colors, finishes and sizes within that material group. You will find one that suits the style of your home.

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