A Residential Ice Maker = No More Bags of Ice

Having a residential ice maker in your kitchen means no more running to the store for bags of ice when having a party and entertaining.  For many people it may not be necessary, but if you enjoy entertaining, this hard-working machine will eliminate the last-minute grocery store runs and the hassle of trying to keep the bags from melting before you use them.

This portable counter top model may be just what you need to keep up with a heavy demand.  Maybe just for a party here and there or maybe you need it all summer long.  Most of these small, compact units can make up to 25 pounds per day!  Many of these countertop models have a direct water supply so you can run a water line directly to the unit--no filling it with water by hand all day long.  Take it out when you need it; store it in your pantry when it's not in use.  Trust me, it will get a lot more use than that bread baking contraption you never use, right?

This little gem is built-in as an under counter appliance and will solve all of your ice problems.  A typical built-in model makes about 45 pounds per day and can hold about 7 pounds inside!  These freestanding units produce frosty little bits much faster than the ones installed in your refrigerator/freezer unit.  While they are not cheap (average of $1,000-$2,000), they are a real time and cost saver over time.  They don't take up too much space and I would highly recommend considering one for your kitchen, especially is you are building new or replacing all of your cabinets.  It would be easy to slip one into an island or near the bar area.  What a luxury! 

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