Marble Countertop:
Affordable Elegance for Almost Any Decor

Installing a marble countertop to your kitchen will add a classic, timeless quality that will essentially never go out of style.  Due to the various colors and veining patterns in marble, there is a marble that will work with just about any decor.  The ever popular Carrara from Italy is likely the most "traditional" look, with it's random and varied vein pattern.  Linac, on the other hand, is quarried in Turkey and has a very prominent parallel linear patter which looks very contemporary, but with a natural and organic quality.  My belief if that, even in the most contemporary homes, touches of organic materials are what "finish" the look and are the most aesthetically pleasing (see last photo on this page).  Marble also provides a white brightness that isn't available in quartz or granite and, contrary to popular belief, can be some of the least expensive of the natural stones.  In addition to its beauty, it is also the hands-down choice for bakers.  The texture of the stone and its cool temperature make it the perfect surface for working with dough.

Beautiful Marble Island in Traditional Kitchen


Polished: High gloss

Honed: soft and silky

Leathered: soft and slightly leather

Brushed: matte/low gloss and a bit textured

Pros & Cons


  • Classic and timeless that works with most decor
  • Available in a bright white not available in other natural stones
  • Affordable
  • Widely available at nearly every stone yard and fabricator


  • Staining and scratching are the most common issues
  • Acids (common in many foods) will etch the surface, so diligence is key to maintaining a pristine finish
Ultra Contemporary Black Marble Counter Tops

Marble Countertop Care

Cleaning your marble is the key to maintaining it's color and finish qualities.  Wipe all drips and spills immediately.  Use a simple solution of 1 quart water and 3 T. baking soda to clean the surface.  Let it dry completely, then do a quick rinse with water.

If you do have a food stain, saturate the area with hydrogen peroxide, let it sit until the stain fades, then wipe clean.  

Sealing your marble countertop is absolutely essential.  Because marble is quite porous, liberally use an impregnating sealer as often as necessary.  To check to see if your marble countertop is in need of resealing, sprinkle water drops over several areas.  If any of them seep into the marble, it is time to reseal the entire counter top.  Obviously, ample sealant will help prevent future stains from becoming permanent and is he best defense against any staining. While this stone is one of the most vulnerable, there really is no substitute for that undeniable look.  


Materials: $39-$72 per square foot

Installation: varies by installer, but generally expensive due to labor-intensive process.

A Contemporary Kitchen with Linac Marble Island